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Our immediate vision

A simplified, secure and efficient system for families and individuals living with disabilities and seriously ill children to access needed resources 


About Me

My name is Marti McCarty and I want to help the families of medically fragile children and those living with disabilities. Families just like mine. 

I love my family - my son and daughter shine light on my life. However, we have had to suffer intense moments of fear, anguish, frustration, helplessness and a feeling of being isolated and alone along our journey. I want to make sure that no other families out there have to work through these same combination of emotions like we had to. 


With your help we can succeed.


An affordable online solution for our community

For the last 18 months our team has been developing an extensive framework for a solution to help our global community. We feel we are ready to implement this solution so that others can enjoy a better life.  People just like you or someone you know.

We are currently  building a detailed and versatile website and phone application for the families of and people living with disabilities so they can understand how to get the best possible care for themselves and their families.


We want to help people navigate the bewildering and often overwhelming processes involved which requires the time and effort of many volunteers and consultants. For a small contribution from all of us, we can all make a difference here. A huge impact and one that will make a lifetime of difference. The money we are looking to fundraise is to help all the families who would otherwise be left in the dark like we were. 

Our initial solution has a number of key goals:

  • To help parents and families navigate their children’s needs in a bewildering system in times of emergency and uncertainty;

  • To provide informational resources about how to best assist their children and other family members how to maintain best possible care into the future; 

  • It will look to coordinate families with existing service providers at each step of this frustrating and grueling process; and

  • We want to let vulnerable people know that are not alone and to ease the emotional burden of being in an exceptional circumstance by connecting them to the resources and people they need to manage this emotional experience.


Our Team

Stu Siegel.png

Stuart Siegel M.D. - Special Advisor

  • 37 years as the head of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

  • Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC (retired)

  • Currently on the Boards of the Chase Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities Global and the Southern California Ronald McDonald organization and is Chair of the Boards of CureSearch for Childhood Cancer and the Health Care Foundation for Ventura County

  • Founding Director of the Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases and the Center for International Health at CHLA

  • He has held leadership roles in the National Leukemia Broadcast Council, the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society

Andy Nappin - CEO

  • 16 years in professional services and supply chain industries combining experience working at Deloitte in the M&A corporate tax division, an equity capital markets analyst as well as working in sales and marketing in the supply chain logistics industry before starting his own own consulting business

  • Participated and advised on a number of small start up companies over the last 5 years in the health and wellness industries as well as sustainable organic agriculture as well as being provided equity in a California company which is focused on limiting the spread of HPV virus

  • After recovering from several years of chronic illness due to Malaria and Typhoid fever, he has now focused his life goals to help people using affordable and equitable technology solutions with absolute focus on consumer rights and data security

Alex Melton.png

Alex Melton - Lead Engineer

  • Developed a disability assessment platform for commercial workplaces in Oklahoma 

  • Android Engineer at One20 

  • Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, USAF. Consultant for the development of the current United States Air Force weapon systems life cycle management program and the executive management process. Sole developer of the web application responsible for organizing temporary domestic relocation of USAF troops

  • Software Engineer at Textron Aviation, Cessna as project lead on their UAV control systems


Eric Ladizinsky - Special Advisor

  • Eric Ladizinsky is a senior scientific management executive with a strong background in physics, engineering, materials, manufacturing and team building. Mr. Ladizinsky leads D-Wave's technical effort to develop the superconducting integrated circuit fabrication process and is often called upon to evangelize on all aspects of quantum computing. At Northrop Grumman Space Technology (formerly TRW, Inc.), he ran a multi-million dollar DARPA program in Quantum Computing using superconducting integrated circuit technology. Mr. Ladizinsky has a BSc. Physics and Mathematics degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and is an Adjunct Professor of Physics at Loyola Marymount University.

Surrayah Muhamad.png

Surayyah Muhammad - Special Advisor

  • A 25 year veteran in advocacy, practical health care service delivery and as an educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District

  • A highly credentialed educator with a Bachelors Degree from the University of California Berkeley in Legal Studies and Mass Communications, a graduate degree in Public Administration from California State University Northridge and went on to National University for her teaching credentials and shortly thereafter obtained her Masters in Education Administration from Grand Canyon University

  • Highly motivated to directly assist families and patients saw her work at J. McBride Special Education Center for the past 15 years in administrative roles

Marti McCarti profile.png

Marti McCarty - Administration and Outreach

  • Served her community for 8 years on the Santa Monica Disability Commission

  • Sat on the Board of Directors for MOVE International serving as Treasurer, consulted with the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Board ensuring it would exceed Americans with Disabilities Act compliance as well as advising the regional operator Big Blue Bus on universally designed bus benches

  • 27 years of patient advocacy caring for her daughter Julia

  • 25 years of sales coordination and office administration collectively at MTV networks, Gensler and R&A Design firm

We help people who live here

Julia - Our Inspiration


In 1994 at four years of age, my daughter Julia suffered a Grand Mal seizure leading to the rapid loss of her mobility and ability to swallow. This required the insertion of a gastrointestinal tube for direct feeding into her stomach as she can no longer have food in her mouth due to the risk of choking and aspiration. She was forced onto a liquid diet for the rest of her life and she will never enjoy the taste of food or drinks. The increasing seizures caused brain damage during her developmental years. Julia requires around the clock care so I often have to pay out of pocket for a caregiver so that I can work a full time job as a single mom trying to afford the costs we all face to provide a stable home. Julia also had to have metal plates inserted over her hip joints to prevent constant dislocation and immense pain, a physiological result of being unable to walk. 

In 1999, Julia suffered a broken femur bone due to improper lifting techniques after being lifted out of her wheelchair by a school aid. Given Julia is non-verbal she can not communicate her needs which is a pain that any parent will always find incredibly hard to bare as I can’t even ask if she is in less or more pain or if she is wanting to go back to a doctor for more help. Since Julia’s birth, I have had to constantly defend her against the insurance companies who continually try to deny her coverage. In one year alone Julia had to undergo 11 surgeries to keep her alive. These are just some of the events that our family endured.​

Our goal at Disolve is to provide all this information to families that have no idea how to manage the life changing circumstances that can occur without notice in each or our lives. 

Help us make a difference and contribute to our project. 

Please find some useful links to assist you while we develop our application. Once you click on an article a more extensive list will be available